Pack 395 Calendar

Troop 395 Calendar

Join Cub Scout Pack 395 in an evening birthday celebration of Scouting.

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Blue and Gold Banquets are a tradition in Cub Scout packs.  They are a celebration of the anniversary of the founding of the BSA on February 8, 1910, and therefore usually take the place of the February pack meeting.

Badges of rank are awarded.  Community leaders or special guests are invited to attend.  Pot-luck dinner.

Cubscout Pack 395 Pinewood Derby

Partnered with a parent or guardian, Cub Scouts work together, strengthening bonds and building confidence – and their own custom race cars!

They begin with an official Pinewood Derby Race Car kit, then create a design, then carve it from the wood block provided in the kit, and detail it with paint, decals, and other accessories, and perfect strategies to compete in their pack’s own Pinewood Derby. It’s a wonderful learning experience centered on teamwork, ingenuity, and sportsmanship – all for the thrill of the race and a lifetime of great memories to share with fellow racers, young and old.